“Children must be taught how to think; not what to think.”

~ Margaret Mead

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Course Information

Vaping and Drug Curriculum

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Family Dynamics –
Volume 1

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Family Dynamics – Volume 2

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Dynamic Family Solutions

Bringing Back Unity and
Communication Into the Family.

Focus On the Family

Specifically tailored educational curriculum and materials for organizations and agencies working with families and youth who are enduring life altering and critical issues.

Dynamic Family Solutions offers interactive and thought-provoking activities that keep families and groups of all ages engaged.

Our courses are the next level of help to improve unique situations, that are not getting better with current efforts.

By working closely with organizations and agencies, we aid in developing customized agency materials and curriculum.

Founder / Owner: Bryan Wright

Over the last 10 years of working as a youth/teen advocate within the fields of domestic violence and sexual abuse, Bryan Wright held many effective, and life altering group sessions and created numerous activities that have now turned into the Family Dynamics Series.  As the Instructor/Author Bryan has been able to tailor curricula and activities specifically to the issues that families and youth are facing today.

Topics include learning how to work through troubling situations or pressures within life and how to effectively solve problems. This will be done by introducing healthier choices and a better understanding of what it means to take true accountability for negative behavior.

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Parent Feedback

“I like the fact that kids are given a chance to learn from their mistakes instead of having a bad decision negatively affect their futures’.”

“Used references and stories that the kids can relate too and see themselves in. Not just lecturing to them but involving them and keeping it interesting.”

“Listening to the kids discussion made me more aware of what is going on with their age group.”

“Activities really got me thinking how to use them in daily life.”

“I was impressed with the teaching style and connection Bryan had with the kids. He truly cared that the kids understood the messages he was teaching!”

“My child and I have a better and more open relationship. It has helped him turn his school grades around and take personal responsibility for his actions.”

“Attended every session…Excellent…Do this program in School!”

“Would love to see a class like this offered to ALL students middle-school through high school to bring more awareness that sexting exists and how to deal with the pressures from social media. It’s NOT enough to have this class for only those who get CAUGHT! Some cases never get reported.”

“I would’ve sent my son to this without having it being required and paid for it. Very good Info. I also told a few of the my friends that are mothers about it and they would like it for their kids too.”

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