Family Dynamics
Volume 2


EXPANDED VERSION! ALL NEW ACTIVITIES! 20 brand new family dynamics activities that work to rebuild trust and teamwork within the family by stimulating conversations on a multitude of issues. The importance of staying connected with children while they are learning to become their own individuals is crucial to help with their future growth, success and understanding. Each activity is designed in a way that makes it fun and easy to talk about certain topics that may be harder to discuss.

This expanded edition, not only has 20 all new activities, it also has an all new section of follow-up questions and topics to think and talk about. This section allows for the family or facilitator to break down each activity in a way that makes it easier to talk through feelings and emotions. Activity topics range from learning how to manage and deal with feelings, how to cope with feelings, and better ways to keep moving forward as a family, and as a team.


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As children grow and encounter many life-altering experiences, it can become harder for them to stay connected with the adults in their lives. Within this book are 20 fun family activities designed to promote opening the lines of communication, and in so doing, make both family members and the family unit stronger.

Included activities help family members to open up, discuss struggles they are experiencing, and learn better ways of working together as a team to overcome difficulties. Finding more, and better, ways to respect each other’s boundaries and learning how to rebuild lost relationships through coping and talking throughout these struggles/situations. These issues and many more are discussed within the projects, which are all crucial with helping to maintain family unity.

The best way for family members to get through to each other is for them to be there for one another and be willing to discuss any issues that may arise. For each of these projects to be effective, it is important for adult family members to keep an open mind and be truthful with kids, as well as themselves.

If adult family members open up to their children, they, in turn, will do the same. Kids need to be shown, not just told, that it’s okay to express feelings and thoughts. Adults should be aware of too quickly dismissing certain issues that may at first appear to be “no big deal.” What we can handle as adults is very different from what kids can handle, and things that seem to be “little” to us can be perceived as huge to them.

The most important thing of all for families to remember is to simply have fun. Enjoy spending time learning more about each other and rebuilding family unity. Remember that opening the lines of communication with one another is the key to a happy, healthy family. I hope you enjoy the activities.

~Bryan Wright

Parent Feedback

“I like the fact that kids are given a chance to learn from their mistakes instead of having a bad decision negatively affect their futures’.”

“Used references and stories that the kids can relate too and see themselves in. Not just lecturing to them but involving them and keeping it interesting.”

“Listening to the kids discussion made me more aware of what is going on with their age group.”

“Activities really got me thinking how to use them in daily life.”

“I was impressed with the teaching style and connection Bryan had with the kids. He truly cared that the kids understood the messages he was teaching!”

“My child and I have a better and more open relationship. It has helped him turn his school grades around and take personal responsibility for his actions.”

“Attended every session…Excellent…Do this program in School!”

“Would love to see a class like this offered to ALL students middle-school through high school to bring more awareness that sexting exists and how to deal with the pressures from social media. It’s NOT enough to have this class for only those who get CAUGHT! Some cases never get reported.”

“I would’ve sent my son to this without having it being required and paid for it. Very good Info. I also told a few of the my friends that are mothers about it and they would like it for their kids too.”