Instructor Training


  • Will understand the structure and layout out of the five weeks.
  • Learn the core concepts of each week and how they all play into one another.
  • Will get to do and practice the activities together and work through exercises as a team.
  • Review the Pre and Post evaluations, forms and tests that will need to be completed and sent back in.
  • Individuals being trained will better understand the process of implementing the program within their county, community, agency or place of education.
  • Training’s and locations to be determined at $560 per person which includes instructors manual and 10 workbooks
  • Once certified will be able to run your own program and charge a fee to recoup cost of training and bring in additional revenue.

Parent Feedback

“My child and I have a better and more open relationship. It has helped him turn his school grades around and take personal responsibility for his actions.”

“I like the fact that kids are given a chance to learn from their mistakes instead of having a bad decision negatively affect their futures’.”

“Used references and stories that the kids can relate too and see themselves in. Not just lecturing to them but involving them and keeping it interesting.”

“Listening to the kids discussion made me more aware of what is going on with their age group.”

“Activities really got me thinking how to use them in daily life.”

“I was impressed with the teaching style and connection Bryan had with the kids. He truly cared that the kids understood the messages he was teaching!”

“Attended every session…Excellent…Do this program in School!”

“Would love to see a class like this offered to ALL students middle-school through high school to bring more awareness that sexting exists and how to deal with the pressures from social media. It’s NOT enough to have this class for only those who get CAUGHT! Some cases never get reported.”

“I would’ve sent my son to this without having it being required and paid for it. Very good Info. I also told a few of the my friends that are mothers about it and they would like it for their kids too.”


  • Teen Sexting Intervention Training Bundle: Includes 8 hour sexting intervention training session, 1 qty. Instructor Manual & 10 qty. Student Workbooks.

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